Printed Beer Hoppers

Printed Beer Hoppers

These tapered 2 pint Hoppers are presented specially printed for the take-out beer market. They offer the ideal solution for real ale drinkers, who can now continue with their favourite beer in the comfort of their own home... and without risking their driving licence.

Breweries and pub-chains can have the Hopper totally commissioned completely to their own design and this unique design continues completely round the entire carton.

The Hoppers are also available in plain white, in both one and two pint  versions.

G.N. Beer Hoppers are ideally suited for private parties, beer festivals, corporate functions, marquees, weddings etc. They score in all those areas where standard glasses are not a viable option...

No more stolen glasses at closing time.

No more risk of broken glass.

No 'plastic' taste from flimsy 'disposable glasses' or pitchers.

And why not include a glossy A2 Poster with your order, so you can tell your customers that they can now take their beautiful cask ales home with them? These large (16½in x 23in or 42cm x 58cm) glossy posters will clearly advertise that you are looking after your customers and providing them with a service that makes your pub or club, well, just that little bit special...

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  1. 2 pint Printed Beer Hoppers case of 100


    Unique 2 pint (1 litre) polyboard tapered hoppers designed for the UK Take-Out market, equipped with a fold-over flap that is held in place with a special plastic closure fitted by hand. Designed for take-out Beers.

  2. Printed Beer Hoppers + Poster (case of 100)


    Each case contains 100 x 2 pint Beer Hoppers plus a glossy A2 poster outlining the availability of your take-home service.

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