Unprinted Beer Hoppers

Unprinted Beer Hoppers

These tapered 1 and 2 pint Hoppers are presented specially printed for the take-out beer market. They offer the ideal solution for real ale drinkers who can now continue with their favourite draught beer in the comfort of their own home... without risking their driving licence!

The Hoppers are shown here in a plain white, unprinted format and are particularly useful for packaging other food or drink items as well. They will also score if the pub wishes to utilise own-name labeling - or promote a special event such as a beer festivals.

In addition, they are perfect for marking and showing the Beer that they contain, so there are no identification problems when several guest ales are on tap.

Naturally they can be labelled as necessary and we can print simple hot-foil labels in-house for pubs and breweries. These can be supplied at 100 labels per case for the publican to affix immediately prior to sale (minimum order 1000 labels) or even supply the Hoppers pre-labelled on a minimum order of just 1 pallet (60 cases).

The 1 pint version of the unprinted Hopper is particularly useful for the carriage of stronger ales or wines and can be used for transport drinks with an alcohol content of upto 20%. 

G.N. Beer Hoppers are ideally suited for private parties, beer festivals, corporate functions, marquees, weddings etc. and a new use now include delivering cocktails to the table... They score in all those areas where standard glasses are not a viable option... 

No more stolen glasses at closing time. 

No more risk of broken glass. 

No 'plastic' taste from flimsy 'disposable glasses' or pitchers. 

Any pub or club that stocks these Hoppers is making a statement: "We are looking after our customers and providing them with a service that is of real benefit to all".

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  1. 2 pint Unprinted Hoppers Box 100

    2 pint 1136ml capacity tapered waterproof unprinted cartons in box of 100
  2. 1 pint Unprinted Hoppers Box 150

    One pint Cartons will nest one inside another for optimum storage and can be overprinted or over-labelled to suit any application. The individual tapered hopper measures 6 inches (150mm) tall with a top cross-section of 3.25 inches (84mm) and are packed in cases of 150.
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