Cheese Wax (Yellow) 1kg

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Traditional yellow cheese wax to protect and coat your home made cheese.

Product Description

The original protective coating that is simply melted prior to use. These food-grade waxes are provided in flat slabs with each slab providing sufficient wax to cover and protect many cheeses.

To melt the wax, the simplest method is to use a 'bains-marie': alternatively put the wax in a suitable basin and stand the basin in hot/boiling water until it becomes liquefied. Cheeses may then be painted using e.g. a pastry brush, or dipped in the molten wax to cover and protect the surfaces. Once coated, allow the cheese to cool by standing on some form of support e.g. a cake rack: once cool, invert the cheese and re-coat.

Each slab weighs 1 kg and is available here in the yellow format. This is the wax made famous by Dutch cheesemakers and is used on all the Gouda type cheeses.

Only Health and Safety approved pigments are used for the colouration and this means that the wax is permitted to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Cheese wax instructions are located here.



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