Yellow Cheese Coating 1kg

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Yellow cheese coating to protect your cheese from insects and bacteria while still letting it breathe during the aging process.

Product Description

The professional way to protect your cheese - yet still allow it to "breathe". This cheese coating comprises a food-grade aqueous wax emulsion and glycols with additional bactericidal agents to discourage unwanted mould growth and will ensure your cheese is protected from insects as well as bacteria, (especially from the cheesemakers hands!).

Simply paint the coating over the top and sides of the cheese, allow to dry and then paint the base. Additional layers can then be applied to achieve the desired thickness.

This coating dries to a dark yellow film, so is ideal for covering Gouda style of cheeses. It gives a unique and striking appearance making your final product look stunningly attractive and gives added authenticity, being the actual coating used by Dutch cheesemakers!

Another use for this cheese coating is for the prevention of 'bleed' from cheese wax: simply paint a thin layer of coating over the cheese and allow to dry prior to waxing. The coating will stop the pigments in the wax penetrating into the cheese and discoloring a significant outer layer. It therefore eliminates a considerable amount of wastage and improves the overall appearance too.

Available in 1kg packs. Other colour coatings includes White: this dries to a totally transparent film so is ideally suited to cheeses where the appearance of the outer 'rolled' material is paramount and there are Black, Red and Green coatings too (for use in many striking continental cheeses).



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