Animal Care and Feeding

 Animal Care and Feeding

Feeders, Racks, Shears, Bells...
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  1. Small Goat Bell

    Straight Goat Bells, manufactured with a beautiful 'brushed brass' finish.
  2. MytiLyte Hoof Shears

    Really powerful foot shears that are compact enough to fit the smaller hand: this is why they have become a firm favourite with women too.
  3. Spare Teats for Bottle (pack of 4)

    Pack of 4 rubber teats - used for the feeding of young animals such as lambs and goat kids, etc.
  4. Spare Bottle for Bottle Rack

    Clear 500 ml. polycarbonate wide-necked feeder bottles, designed for feeding lambs, kids etc.
  5. Bottle Rack with 4 bottles and teats for lambs/kids.

    Suitable for both kids or lambs. Contains rack, 4 bottles and 4 teats.
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