Long Brush 1.5m x 15mm diameter - for cleaning tubing etc.

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Long Brush 1.5m x 15mm diameter - for cleaning tubing etc.

Product Description

Superb industrial grade brushes that have been designed with extra length for specific applications.

The nylon bristle brush has a diameter of 15mm and is mounted at the end of a flexible multi-core wire shaft that measures 1500mm, or 1.5 metres (almost 60 inches) in length. The wire is galvanised to be resistant to rusting and carries a heavy duty plastic handle at the other end.

These brushes were originally designed for cleaning the milk tubing on our cow, goat and sheep milking machines (these are available elsewhere in our shop); however, they have proved to be the ideal solution for cleaning other difficult-to-reach areas where extra length is a necessity.

In addition to these long brushes, other shorter and an even longer size brush is available elsewhere in our shop: we now have 15mm diameter brushes with shaft lengths of 2000mm (2metres or 80inches) and 1000mm (1 metre or 40 inches) as well as a smaller 10mm diameter brush with a shaft length of 400mm (16 inches).

Each brush comes complete with a heavy duty handle and is designed to give years of service - please take a look!



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