Skimmed dried goats milk - 400g Pouch

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400g pouch pure Skimmed dried goats milk

Product Description

This Goats' Milk Powder has been prepared only from fresh skimmed milk that has been simply spray-dried to yield a free flowing product of superb quality. It does not depend upon supplies of frozen goats’ milk for its production and so retains more of the natural vitamins and goodness.

It has a delicious taste and a delightful aroma!  The powder mixes easily in cold or warm water and is ideal for those whose diets must be kept free from bovine proteins.

These 400g (14 oz.) packs will prove to be an excellent standby when natural supplies are short: they are available in diaphragm-top canisters, equipped with a resealable plastic cover.

Skimmed dried goats' milk powder is a useful thickening agent too and is used in the production of yogurts, cheeses, ice-cream, confectionery and other dairy goat produce.

The powder is also available in 25kg packs for the commercial user and the whole dried goats' milk variety is also available.

To prepare:  For 1 litre, slowly add 960ml of water to 100g of Skimmed Milk Powder stirring vigorously - or use a whisk or electric food mixer.  One level tablespoon of powder is approximately 10g.




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