Small Scale Pasteurisers


150 litre Pasteuriser Intermittant timerintermittent stir

These beautiful Batch Pasteurisers are jacketed vessels, custom manufactured here in Kent to the customer’s exact specification.  Typical capacities are 75, 100, 150 & 200 litres, up to a maximum of 500 litres.  All body parts and pipework are constructed entirely from EU food-grade stainless steel, normally 304 grade, although 316 is available upon request.

 The heating system comprises individually switched waterproof heating elements and there can be 2, 3 or 4, fitted with single or three phase supply: they are usually about 3 or 4kW each but other power ratings are possible.

 The water in the jacket is heated so that it smoothly warms the milk in accordance with the best batch pasteurisation methods: for example 62.8 - 65.6°C for 30 minutes or 72°C for 15 seconds.

British Stirrer motors are fitted to ensure optimum transfer of heat, from the water jacket to the milk. A rotational speed of approx 90 r.p.m. is considered ideal for most purposes, although other speeds are easily accommodated: the motors have a maximum speed in excess of 2000 rpm.

 The pasteuriser on the right is used for yogurt production after pasteurisation. We have included an extra feature so that it will rotate intermittently at pre-set times, say for just 1 minute every hour; this occasional stirring enables the added fruit to stay suspended, but without causing the yogurt’s gel structure to break-down.

 The stainless pipework is of standard Dairying grade, designed for easily dismantling so that cleaning after use is simplified. Silicon seals are incorporated between the joints and the electrical components are all manufactured to be waterproof and easy to replace.

An additional timer control can also be fitted and this allows the vessel to be set so that the heaters turns on at a pre-defined time.

A data logger is provided complete with its recording probe and is calibrated to measure the temperature. This will satisfy the legal requirements for pasteurisation.  It can be set to take a recording for example, every 30 seconds and many hundreds of complete heating/pasteurisation cycles can be stored on a memory stick. If necessary this data can be downloaded onto your smart phone.

This method of temperature measurement complies with Environmental Health regulations and enables hundreds of pasteurisation records to be stored on any computer to be retrieved at any future date.

The data logger itself is extremely compact and carries an LCD which is normally set to display the temperature, accurate to within 1ºC. The time/temperature data is then downloaded automatically via a USB cable (or wirelessly) where it may be stored for future reference.

All vessels come complete with their own individually tailored insulation jacket. This padded jacket is held in place with Velcro strips so that it can be quickly fitted and removed whilst in use.

The whole unit is built to a standard that is acceptable to E.H.Os for the pasteurisation of milk. However, there are many other uses for this versatile vat. For example, it can be used to hold milk at incubation temperatures e.g. 42-44ºC for yogurt production or to act as a milk cooling vessel by using chilled water in the jacket, or acting as an ageing vat for cheese production...

For a quick video demonstration of one of our standard Batch Pasteurisers in action, please click here.

30L Pasteuriser


This is our new economy 30L pasteuriser, manufactured in stainless steel, that uses the well-know 'Milky' pasteuriser as the basic controlled heating vessel. This vessel is designed to heat the milk to an exact temperature and hold it there for a prescribed time, with a maximum temperature of over 90oC.

This vessel has now been converted so that it incorporates a sturdy protected stirrer motor to ensure the milk is permanently agitated throughout the pasteurisation process. In addition, there is a stainless steel pocket fitted to the lid: this accepts the probe from the wi-fi data-logger and this can transfer temperature data to your phone and can also be programmed to give email warnings if the temperature goes outside of pre-set limits.

The milk container can be simply lifted out of the heating vessel using the lifting hooks provided, so that the contents can then be filled and the heating vessel cleaned.

This pasteuriser now conforms with all UK legal requirements - and all this for less than £2000!...


To discuss your exact requirements, please contact Bruce or Ben Dolby on 01233-770780 or email